types of work

Whichever route is best for your needs, the mix of staff for your business will be different to another business.

Typical staff lists may include staff among the following groups:


Finance Admin Support Services

E.g. Job Costings, budget and posting Labour Hours, Purchase Ledger, Sales Ledger, POD/despatch.


Programming and Systems Support Services

E.g. Create a script for this, add a new function for this page, link systems together to do this, new programs, maintain and support existing/legacy programmes, design, website and database maintenance.


IT Support Services

1st tier Helpdesk support, email issues, general queries, computer hardware, software, support



ad-hoc for internal/external customers as well as standard drawings used in the company for concept and/or manufacturing, these cover CAD, 3D, BIM, walkthroughs, layouts combining different types etc


General Non Tech Administrative Support Services

General support, e.g. extracting data from plans, data entry, general reporting, i.e. all forms of transactional support, data manipulation.

An architect will probably need many more Drawing/BIM staff than a solicitor’s practice, however, we would probably have a requirement to hire specially trained legal administrators etc.

Suffice to say, a typical saving on running costs just on staff (without overheads) is a multiple of UK cost.

Likewise, capital costs are typically a fraction of UK costs.

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