Non Exec Part Time Directors & Full Boards

passionate business builders

our mission objective is to turn ideas into businesses

Our products are business created, grown or scaled.

We work with founders of companies and businesses or private equity firms and VC backed businesses such as HQ UK.

From Startup, Grow or Scale, our directors are able to help in every department, whether Finance, Sales, Marketing, Commercial, R&D, IT, HR, Product, Operations, Strategy, Communications, Administrative, MD, Regional, Corporate or any other.

If you’d like to turn your idea into a business or grow or scale a business, then we’d like to speak to you.

If you are an investor or private equity vehicle interested in a highly curated opportunity in various sectors, please get in touch.

We believe we’re different

iTegrate is not an incubator or accelerator in the traditional sense. They focus on advice and/or support. We do much more because we want to work with you medium to long term.

When you need practical support, we have teamed up with TSZ Hubs and they are the exclusive provider to Idea to Business Factory. All this allows us to go beyond mentoring, advice and ‘support’.


In a nutshell, our approach allows companies we support to have a better chance of success.

As business builders, we are able to invest ourselves via HQ UK or by introductions to VCs and private equity. This is in addition to a commitment to proactively support the founders with our non-exec directors or boards. We are able to do this because of the building blocks we have in place that enable us to build businesses within the platform of the Idea to Business Factory together with deep understanding, experience, and knowledge of our non-execs.

A Huge Range of Experience

Our non-execs, some of which are entrepreneurs, have founded and built various businesses with backgrounds from a whole range of different sectors.

The key to success in any business is not just vision, often it’s sales, strategy, capital as well as experience from those that have done it before, i.e. our non execs.

Even if a founder brings vision and passion, few have enough experience of building successful businesses, most only build one.

Being Business Builders, we improve the chances of success for young businesses and develop the business on our platform and ecosystem which is unique to us.

We’re not sector specific and we generally favour B2B, although some B2C could be considered.

We deliver companies which are agile, efficient and with a low-cost base.

From One Director

Great for the SME needing just one or maybe two part time directors to support particular function or projects within their business.


Ideal for Medium Enterprises or PE backed start ups where there isn’t an existing team and a more specialist pre-configured team might be better.


If you are looking for a shared services solution for your organisation, we can fulfil your needs.

Our managed services solutions are headed up by a specialist director for the particular services, providing a great value package for the smaller business.

You can take advantage of our comprehensive range of managed services that include;






We work closely with both OS Consultants and Idea to Business Factory.

Our directors provide expertise to the businesses that go through the Idea to Business Factory and where needed, additional help and support for outsourcing or offshore is provided by OS Consultants.

OS Consultants

Outsource and offshore specialists

Idea to Business Factory

The Complete Idea to Business Platform


iTegrate is first and foremost, a resource of non-exec directors made available to Idea To Business Factory. Sister company is OS Consultants that specialises in offshore and outsourced services.


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