Getting To Know You



Itegrate is able to provide a range of consultancy and services to support UK SME businesses.

Our first level of support is with our UK based Connected Consultants who also act as delivery partners for our Integrated Suppliers and services that stretch from admin support to telecoms and technical drawings.

Where there is a greater need of support or efficiency or cost saving required, iTegrate can provide Shared Service solutions; finally, for the ultimate solution, we are able to setup and operate an Offshore Office  to meet the ongoing needs of your business, allowing growth and scale.

The First Step

All our Connected Consultants start off any new relationship by getting to know you.

This process consists of a Pathfinder Review, to culminate with either a new or updated DRP that can be include business continuity a look at any sitable grants for your industry and geographic area.


Our Connected Consultants are specialists in their field and they will assist you in making positive change within your business.

The focus for our Connected Consultants is on helping UK business owners further improve their business by being guided by somebody that knows their industry.

Operating behind the scenes or to do whatever it takes to support you, is part of the essence of what makes our Connected Consultants so valueable.


iTegrate excels because we have identified several different types of services to best meet the needs of our clients, to create their unique solutions.

Our business support services run 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year to help companies cut costs and focus on their core business.


If you are looking for a shared services solution or an offshore centre  for your organisation, we can fulfil your needs.

If you do not want to take such a big step straight away, talk to us about our integrated supply chain where the cost and convenience is still more attractive than going it alone.

You can take advantage of our comprehensive range of great value business services that include;

Technical Drawings


IT Helpdesk

Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity


iTegrate is first and foremost, a specialist in shared services and offshore solutions. We also have a network of specialist consultants that help UK business owners further improve and develop their businesses by providing practical help and support. Our consultants know how to hit the ground running, add value, save time and money and increase competitiveness.

To supplement our connected specialists, we have access to business service providers that offer  deeply discounted rates through our consultants.


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