Connected Partners


iiTegrate wants to get the best solution that will work for your business. This is why as well as our fantastic ‘general’ consultants, where there is a specific area that you really need additional help land a boost.

General Consultants – The Consultancy Zone

Although our consultants are able to help most busiensses, even our ‘general’ consultants have specific areas where they can add extra help and support, these areas for our ‘genera;’ consultants are:


Manufacturing - Construction


Retail - Fashion


Hospitality - Takeaways, Restaurants, Cafes, Pubs

As you may expect, our consultants always look to have close relationships with accountants in the local areas they work.

Specific Consulting Areas


Depending on the size and nature of the business, as well as general consulting support, you may require admin support in finance areas such as sales or purchase ledger, reporting functions or may even require an interim FD.


HR can be a tricky area to navigate, having consultancy support can make all the difference to getting working
employment and people development strategies.


Sales and marketing are the beating heart for the engagement of new clients and key to maintaining existing ones.
There are many different areas where help can be provided, from branding, sales, admin, website, digital, strategic, press and much more.


Understanding and making the most of technology and IT infrastructure; how it can help and benefit your business is vital these days and can often make the difference in providing quality service or scaling a business. We also cover the basics of support with IT helpdesk and technical support.

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